Why Kakapo?

The Kakapo Open Race is an international regatta of adapted sailing that will allow the creation and visibility of a sea without barriers.

Font Image: Brent Stephenson 

The Kakapo is a New Zealand bird noted for being the only one of the parrot family that cannot fly. 

Instead of being a limitation, this fact has allowed it to survive for centuries, especially when new predators were introduced into its habitat.

A competition that emphasizes both diversity and the values of the sailing world

Sailing is one of the few sports in which everyone, regardless of their abilities, can participate on equal terms.

The Kakapo Open Race wants to take advantage of this uniqueness to show the world that inclusion is possible, fair and necessary.

Social Events

The championship offers events that revolve around the themes of inclusivity, local culture, and sailing. These services were created to boost the pleasure of sailors while staying in Barcelona.